[Catching up on some books I finished at the back end last year and early part of 2010 during but never posted about]

‘Our lives do preach. But what do they preach about?’ That’s the question asked at the end of this book. I know I’ve told you how it ends…but in light of everything you read up to that point it’s a great question to ask. What view of God does my life give? An active God or an apathetic God. Ouch. When you give an honest response it doesn’t always look as good as it should.

This book will mess with your mind. I loved the thoughts. I enjoyed the genuine way in which the book was written. It showed me a kingdom I wanted to be a part of. It encouraged me to take a look at myself in the light of all that God has done for me.

These are some of the statements made by the author…

…the idea of how suffering, persecution and martydom were part of an intentional lifestyle for those in the early church. At times they went head first into danger, while I’m more concerned with my safety. That’s a challenge. RISK, not to be avoided. After all, if God is for me…where are the welts, the lumps, the scars, the bruises on my body that announce the beautiful reality of the kingdom of God. My scars are nothing. My pain threshold very low in comparison.

…authentic relationships make us relevant. Understanding that all people matter to God, not just those who are like me. Community is built on authentic relationships. It is an indispensable strength. Reaching to those in the margins should be my priority. Community and authentic relationships should be kept simple. Maybe we over complicate it at times.

…the condition of my heart plays a huge role in how the kingdom of God looks in my life. It determines how I receive it. ‘If you wrap all your hopes and dreams around it and let it sink far into your inner being, the kingdom of Jesus will live in you and bear fruit.’

…embracing the kingdom is impossible if my arms are full of me. Enough said. That challenged me. I am not moving up a level in the kingdom, just transferred from one of darkness to one of light because of the rescue of Jesus. That really helped me…no levels, just transfer. I can embrace that. I still want to learn, become all that God would have me be but I do it by embracing the kingdom.

Thanks to Rick McKinley for not just a great read but I’m guessing a wide open view of his journey too. Thanks for the insight, the wisdom and the genuineness. It helped me. Not just in understanding but in my walk as a Christian. A recommended read…get yours here.

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