Here we go then…

Based on all the comments & questions received, these are the ones to choose from for our next theme of The Elephant in the Room. Some have been bundled together or re-written as many were similar. We will preaching this series from Sunday 11th July…so make sure you don’t miss them and gather people to hear some answers. It provides us with an opportunity to answer 3 or 4 questions this time around.

You only have until the end of June. So please vote.
Share the link. Get involved. What an opportunity. Should be fun!!

17 thoughts on “Which Questions Shall We Answer?

  1. Do you really consider these to be ‘Elephant in the Room’ questions? Surely the majority of these are questions that you would be perfectly happy to ask a Pastor on any normal Sunday. Surely the whole point of this series is to look at issues which nobody is willing to talk about?

  2. These are questions that the congregation put forward. They are a good spread of thoughts that most ordinary people have about church & christianity. Yes, some do get mentioned but not all of them get preached about on a regular basis.

    What would you suggest?

  3. My understanding of the term ‘Elephant in the Room’ is that there is, for want of a more eloquent description, a huge pink elephant in the room. Everybody knows the elephant is there but its presence is so disconcerting that nobody is willing to address it. These questions could be answered by reading any ‘Introduction to Christianity’ or ‘Christianity’s Questions Explored’ book. I just assumed that the questions would be controversial, applicable to every day life and hard to answer, rather than merely theological.

    1. Hey you are right. We opened it up to our church to ask any question that they feel isn’t always asked. These are what was put forward. We have not filtered them at all. I’m not sure that I would consider some of these as ‘Introductory’ questions.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

      By the way – where you from? Which church are you part of?

  4. We had about 25 questions – some of them were roughly similar in their context.

    What about you – where you from? Which church are you part of?

  5. I attend Westside Family Church in Kansas City. I really appreciate your responses – they’ve been very insightful so thank you. I hope the series goes well for you. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  6. I am wondering whether Diego was really searching for answers to questions that he wants answering. The questions submitted are interesting but answerable. Hence his comment on filtering.
    As a Scientist and a Christian in some circles I can be viewed as the Antichrist. I know what people accept some things at face value with out asking why but remember that the world was considered flat in biblical times so if we focus on what is unseen are we going to fall off the edge?
    The problem is with our focus. We see what we see not what we don’t see.
    The answer to science is not in the Word but the answer to life is.


  7. The church preaches that Christians should not marry non-Christians, and at the same time says that God has your perfect match lined up.
    On average, there are more females than males in the church.
    There is an increasing amount, of both male and female singles getting older and still being single, despite trying to and wanting to find their mate.
    Is the church raising an unwilling generation of nuns and monks?

  8. I agree with Diego on these not being necessarily elephant questions- maybe we could do something similar in the future as it clear people have a lot of questions.

    In terms of tim’s question I would love to hear that answered- where in the bible does it ever say God creates our perfect match? I would to hear your answer- even if it’s just in reply to my message.

  9. I submitted 7 questions but I only see 2 of them up there. Is there any reason why they haven’t been listed – were they considered inappropriate or invalid?

  10. OK, can people who feel that they submitted questions that are not represented by the ones listed above please post them below into this thread.

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