I’m looking forward to my holiday very soon. Time to be with my family, to go to the beach, to refresh my soul, to read some books. It’s an important thing, taking a break.

But here’s the challenge. I need to switch off BUT not switch off.
It’s okay to turn the laptop off.
It’s expected that I will not respond to emails.
I may not even twitter.

So…one thing I will not switch off from is God. Lots of people do. Holiday mode kicks in so all the spiritual disciplines get switched off. DANGEROUS. Just because I’m holiday doesn’t mean I shouldn’t hang out with God too – in fact I might get more time. Plus it’s not NEED driven I can be with God…just because I can.

I’m so thankful that God doesn’t switch off for me.
That he doesn’t go on vacation but that He is ALWAYS there.
I will enjoy my time away, I will come back refreshed but I hope I keep that sense of God being with me.

I think this is more of a reminder to myself but please don’t switch off from God just because it’s holiday time.

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