September is VISION MONTH at Xcel Church. I think it happens at a lot of churches around the world. Not that we don’t look ahead at other times but it does provide a great opportunity for us to stop, reflect, think & plan for the next 12 months.

This process can work for any organisation, church or otherwise.
This process can work for YOU as an individual too.

If you don’t take time to STOP, REFLECT, THINK & PLAN then don’t complain when life gets shaped for you by other people, circumstances and events. Fresh vision doesn’t happen by chance. It comes through deliberate action.

STOP. Too many people STOP FOR NOTHING.
Pause for thought. Make time. Being busy is not necessarily a sign of accomplishment. We are all getting things done but they might not always be the right things.

REFLECT. Am I happy? Do I need to change things? What could I do to see different results? Vision isn’t always about some new idea or invention. Often vision comes from a place of discontent. Unhappiness = need for fresh vision, new insight.

‘Vision is the cure for sin. A God-given vision keeps us from decay and disorder. It energises everything we do’. [Mark Batterson, Primal]

In fact the Bible tells us that people without vision will perish. So STOP, REFLECT – take a good look at what you are doing & where you heading. Are you living? Are you perishing? Your vision (or lack of vision) might be the issue.

THINK. Dare I suggest that as a Christian – pray. Seek God. Read the Word. Allow for some spiritual insight into stuff. Make room for creative thinking time. Ask the right people the right kind of questions.

‘Prayer is the mechanism whereby God ideas are conceived and captured. And it’s our capacity for prayer that will ultimately determine our creative potential.’ [Mark Batterson, Primal]

PLAN. People think that plans & goals are unspiritual, too business like for them. Jesus had an end goal in mind & I am forever grateful that he kept it in mind. THINK about the future. Set some goals. Make a plan. Work toward those plans.

‘Ideas are worthless. Intentions have no power. Plans are nothing…unless they are followed with action’. [John Maxwell]

So, what’s the vision?
Will you make time to STOP?
Will you be honest with yourself as you REFLECT?
Will you allow God to speak to you as you take time to THINK?
Will you make a fresh PLAN for the future?

Share below…

[Quick footnote: be realistic while making space for God to move. No need to be foolish]

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