Life at Xcel Church is gearing up. Vision month has kicked off. Love talking vision, such a great opportunity to speak from the heart to other peoples hearts. Never underestimate the impact vision can make. It inspires people to change, to get involved & contribute. May it whet your appetite.

As a Pastor at Xcel Church life is full of things to do. So I am glad that schools are back this week. (At last). Which means routine can return. Holiday time is great except that it is easy to drift, strong disciplines with God can become a little bit fuzzy. The reassuring thing is that even though we may go on holiday, God doesn’t. He is always on the throne!

Life for me needs routine. It settles me. Maybe that sounds strange but without time with God I can start to coast. My own strength is okay but its not enough. I need more of God. So today I got up earlier than in a long time, prayed, read the Word & headed in to the day with a sense of expectation. Maybe you thought I did that everyday, so I am sorry if that has disappointed you. But I’m getting back on track with it. Pastors are normal people too, stuff sometimes gets in the way.

Perhaps over the next few posts I’ll give you some insight into life as a Pastor. Today I read my Bible & prayed…or is that just a cliche that I hope no one actually takes seriously!?

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