It is said that you become like the people you hang around with, so I think it’s fair to ask the question – who have you been hanging around with? I have had similar conversations with all 3 of my girls about how if, for instance, they hang around with the gossips, that people will think they are a gossip. It certainly reminds us all that we must take care in respect to the power of our associations.

Obviously, it doesn’t just work against you. The power of the right association can make a huge difference. It’s not always what you know but who you know. In Acts 4, we see that the disciples were noted for having ‘BEEN’ with Jesus, it was a distinguishing mark, something the authorities couldn’t really do anything about. It was less about what they knew, and more about who they knew.

Being with Jesus gave them an advantage that education didn’t. Their boldness and courage did not come from knowledge based in natural sources but from FAITH in a God who had given them all they needed when they received the Holy Spirit. In otherwords…it didn’t matter to them what they had been told to do, when it came to the things of God, their response was that we MUST do those things, whatever the price.

Praying for the same. How about you?

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