And money.

What ever the vision, there is ALWAYS a cost. Think of ALL those things we take forgranted. Everyday objects. Buildings we admire. People invested in them….TIME, EFFORT & RESOURCES (including money). Some even died for their vision before it was completed.

TIME means sacrificing some of the other things we like to do. Obvious really. It creates space for working on the DREAM. If you won’t give any TIME to it, then IT will never happen.

EFFORT means just that. Blood, sweat and tears. Depending what your vision is….effort means creative thinking, energy, making something happen. Fighting the desire to do nothing and doing something. Effort takes just that, effort. If you won’t give any EFFORT to it, then IT will never happen.

MONEY. Want to lose weight/get fit, going to join the gym, then the vision needs the sacrifice of your money to pay the cost of membership. Money says to vision ‘you can be accomplished’. If you won’t give any MONEY to it, then IT will never happen.

For Xcel Church our vision offering is the opportunity for us as a congregation, the people of God, to make a statement of FAITH and INTENT. That we believe in the vision, want to see it fulfilled and are willing to SACRIFICE for it. TIME & EFFORT though not easy are achievable. MONEY, now that hits harder especially in financially challenging times.

But surely it’s worth it…
Lives changed.
Building church.
Becoming shapers of culture in our community.
Bringers of hope.
Being ‘a city on a hill’.
Displaying the name of Jesus in the right way.
Challenging people’s ideas about Jesus and His church.

As a family we…
…will be giving in FAITH this Sunday
…will be giving with INTENT
…will be giving, praying that God can take what I give and multiply its ability to reach people
…will be giving trusting that God ‘can supply all our needs according to His riches in glory’, that as a family as we ‘seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, that all the things [to do with living life] will be added to us’

Maybe I’m being too simplistic. Isn’t that just FAITH.

One thought on “Vision Takes Sacrifice

  1. Although every week especially towards the end of the month I struggle financially, I tithe, if I cant pay on a sunday – i fill in my slip and post date it to the following wednesday. I cant really afford to pay a tithe BUT neither can I NOT afford to – I am only giving back what is Gods and he has shared with me.

    I have loved Vision month (my first) and look forward to the coming year.

    I will be putting in what I can into the vision offering ‘money’ and have already devoted some ‘time’ to serve and the ‘effort’ is the struggle to do it all – but surely that makes it all more worthwhile.

    I have ‘faith’ that – Commit to the LORD whatever you do and your plans will succeed. (Proverbs 16:3)

    Great words x

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