It’s an interesting season we are in at Xcel Church. Definitely a time of transition. I truly believe God has a great future in store for us, as a Church and as individuals, if only we will POSITION ourselves correctly.

The best of future times requires good decisions to be made today. I am as guilty as the next in having made decisions based purely on what I consider to be best for me and never even considering that I should ask God what He thinks.

My choices are my choices. WRONG.
My priorities are my priorities. WRONG
My opportunities are made by me. WRONG


The more I consider God’s way of doing things the more I have to admit that I have had it wrong. Too many times I have made a choice based only on me meeting my NEED. For example…I NEED money to pay the bills so this job will do. I’m not saying you shouldn’t work BUT…

…if that job though advantageous financially may be detrimental to you spiritually…how do you decide?
…if that job though advantageous career wise affects your ability to gather with others regularly…how do you decide?

I know how easy it is to do things for the right reasons but actually for it to be all wrong. I am amazed how easily people decide to pursue something that knowingly takes them away from Church, knowingly loosens their attachment to other believers. 12 years ago I made that mistake. Even after counsel, I still made that mistake and every time decisions need to be made in our house, I pray that I will not make that mistake again.

My NEED for security is not met in the POSITION I have in my job, my title or my role.
My NEED for security is met by the right POSITION I keep with God.

Priorities. Love God. Love my family. Love my role & ministry. I will not give so much to church that it destroys my marriage or my family. However, I will never use that as an excuse to not SERVE, to not be in Church on a Sunday. Encouraging our girls to experience God has always been a priority for us and we believe that ‘planted in the House of God, they will flourish’.

Choices. We have a number of non-negotiables in our life that influence the choices that we make. Whenever possible my family & I will ALWAYS be at Church. Not only that but we will SERVE at every opportunity. I have learnt that I can RECEIVE and SERVE at the same time.

Our PRIORITIES mean we will work hard to not make decisions as a family that interfere with our ability to WORSHIP God. And not just worshipping at home but as we GATHER together on a Sunday. Powerful things happen when we worship God corporately & it is important that all my family have every opportunity to encounter God.

I am learning that right choices come from having right priorities.

Opportunities. FAITH is a funny thing. We like to help it on it’s way. We encourage God with ideas for answers to our prayers. We drop hints to God about how much we like this or that. FAITH at its purest is trusting in Him. Nothing more, nothing less. No one said it was easy. Following the right OPPORTUNITIES that God brings your way is easier when you have right PRIORITIES set in place.

I PRAY that I would be more like the Apostle Paul whose life was continually interrupted by the Spirit of God leading, showing and telling him the way to go and the way not to go. I pray that I would be more in tune with the voice of God in my life…to PRIORITISE this aspect of my relationship with God, so I will be better POSITIONED to make great CHOICES and better understand the OPPORTUNITIES God wants me to take.

I believe that as we do this as individuals it will IMPACT on Church. We will grow, therefore Church will grow. ‘As for me & my house, we will SERVE the Lord’. No better place to be. No better thing to be doing than helping to build local church, build the Kingdom of God.

[What do you think?]

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