Faith…it’s a wonderfully mysterious, yet powerful thing. Faith not just in anything or anyone. I mean faith in God. Without faith it’s impossible to please God. Many say that faith is the currency of heaven, its what God deals in.


Therein lies the quandary. I don’t want to move if God hasn’t already moved. Except I know he has already made an incredible move through Jesus, so my confidence should not be in the seeing of things but just in the knowing that God has my best in mind all the time.

If you didn’t want the best or believe the best for people then you wouldn’t give your best for them. Jesus would have never happened. I thank God for Jesus and live by faith because of who he is & what he has accomplished.

How is yours?
Is it active?
Are you stretching it?

Let’s build our faith.

We heard on Sunday from Lisa about all the ONE’s who had impacted her life. Who had made a difference. Who had encouraged, challenged, loved, prayed for her along the way. What about you…who were the ONE’s who impacted your life? Let’s share our faith stories & inspire one another to believe God for more..lives changed, family becoming Christians, financial miracles…hope you are up for telling your story below….

One thought on “What’s Your ONE Story?

  1. Yes you are right borther the faith will lead us to God and we can see God. I had experienced this in my life.

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