Been a great series at Xcel Church.

I think these conversations and connections were already happening but talking about them has increased our awareness of them. [It’s a bit like choosing a new car. You thought there weren’t many about but from the point of choosing you start to see them everywhere. It’s got a special name but can’t remember it] Maybe it’s demystified them for us. The fact that we don’t need to see salvation in every conversation for it to be considered good. One conversation is just one step. We sow the seeds, we water the seed BUT God brings the increase.

So what’s your experience been?
What’s your power of one story?
Had any great conversations?
Been surprised at the easiness of it?

I’ve been stuck with my thought on the power of one idea. I have an idea that we could ALL help one another with our ideas. Taking the philosophy of the early church and how they worked to make sure that everyone had everything they needed…maybe this idea could work.

On our own we can get so far. Some of us might even make it. For most…we have an idea, don’t know how, so give up. What could we achieve if we got the right people round us. Not just for encouragement but with resources. As John Maxwell says ‘No one is as clever as all of us’.

What is your idea?
What’s that one thing you would pursue if you thought it would succeed?

How could you help someone?
What one thing could you give for free [perhaps]?

[Before someone comments – there are sites out there sort of like this]

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