Yesterday we had no water. There was a broken pipe in the locality which meant when we woke up there was nothing coming out of the taps.

It’s amazing how you take something like water forgranted. It’s easy it is to forget how incredible it is that water is pumped into our houses everyday, something we need to remain thankful for. It’s part of being a civilian of the westernised world. It is still something many others don’t enjoy the privilege of without greater inconvenience.

My girls were horrified that they would have to go to school still. After all, they hadn’t had a shower. We hadn’t had an opportunity to get refreshed and ready for the day. With the last water from the pipe we filled a sink and we splashed our faces, cleaned our teeth. The house was full of the haze of body spray for some time.

Later in the day, I had a thought. Maybe it was God, but it was definitely a gentle nudge…
Don’t take me forgranted.
Would you notice if I’m not there in the same way you did when there was no water?
Be as desperate for me in your life as you were about having water.

The beauty with God…there is no broken pipes. His love, mercy & grace are new every morning. His forgiveness of sins knows no bounds and I for one am thankful for that. Maybe we put stops in the pipe. Maybe we put other supposedly more important things in the way of God moving in our life.

My prayer…Lord, never let me take you forgranted. Let me acknowledge your greatness ALL the time. Help me to be aware of your presence in ALL situations. Please show me what I’m putting in the way. Change me if you need to God because I NEED to be as close to YOU as I can be. Life without you would be like LIFE without water. Amen

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