Thought I would share 5 quick observations about the leadership journey…

1. Don’t Focus Too Much on the Destination – Concentrate on Taking the Next Step

The end game will happen. Whatever you think it will be & feel like, when you get there it will be & feel different. Not easier or harder, just different. Get on the journey. Stay on the journey. Be determined to make the next step. Don’t allow the frustration of things not moving as fast as you want & trust God for the long term outcomes. You may never get there if you gave up along the way. Keep showing up and let God do what God can do with people who just willingly make themselves available.

2. Leaders Really are Readers

There is no escape from this statement. Great leaders always maintain a passion for learning. Discovering that nugget of wisdom, sitting at the feet of other Pastors & Leaders, people who have gone before on the journey. Why wouldn’t you want to learn from them? Arrogance tells you it doesn’t matter but remember ‘pride comes before a fall’.

Leaders read. And not just leadership books. Read books, articles, listen to podcasts, follow individuals from all areas of modern culture so that you stay aware of what’s being talked about, what others are reading and what’s going on.

3. Double Up Wherever and Whenever You Can

Take others on the journey with you. As much as you want to be learning from someone else, be intentional about involving others on your journey too. Don’t over complicate it. Just connect with a few people to ‘be with’. If it was a good enough way for Jesus & the Apostle Paul, it is more that good enough for us.

Personally, I must work at making sure I don’t just make excuse why I can’t do this and always be making sure that I am intentionally investing in others, involving them in my world and influencing them on their leadership journey.

4. Making Mistakes is Not Always a Fatal Blow to Your Leadership

The only way to not make mistakes is to not do anything. Mistakes are to be expected. It comes with the territory of being a leader. You will make decisions, you will develop plans. Some will work, some won’t. That’s okay. Just make sure you learn from them because making the same mistakes over and over again will eventually disqualify you from your leadership position.

5. Be Courageous

Give it all you have got. Don’t hold back. God told Joshua to ‘be strong and courageous’. I’m guessing that didn’t mean Joshua had no fear, it just meant he needed to take God at His word, trust that word, and do what God was saying first. Fear stops us. Courage overrides that fear. It helps us just give it a go, maybe to do it despite the fear.

[Please leave your comments – I’d love to know what you think]

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