In amongst all your goals and dreams for 2013 I want to suggest that you make sure you do one thing above all others. I am fairly convinced that if you focus on this one thing that everything else will take care of itself.

Are you ready? Then it is…


Sounds simple but I know from experience that it isn’t always that easy.

Our heart is who we are. It reveals our values, what we truly consider important. Out of it flows what’s inside us. It is the wellspring of life. If we allow our hearts to become contaminated or to drift from what we say is important (for me that would be God & His values) then I am of the opinion that we are headed for trouble.

GUARD YOUR HEART from wrong thinking, from wrong actions, from wrong priorities, from allowing thoughts, ideas and offenses to take root. These will all hurt your heart and begin to change the way you view yourself, others & your heavenly Father. Be determined to not let that happen in 2013.

If you love God then I consider this a worthy challenge for 2013. What do you think?

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