The last 3 days have included 3 very different experiences.

1. Friday night was the relaunch of Planet Youth. It was a great night. Fun, full of life and a bit of chaos just to keep us focused. I count it a privilege to be involved in helping the team get ready and launch into a new year. Believing for BIG things this year.

2. On Saturday evening I had a guest ticket for a piano recital. Not my first choice for a night out. Definitely a new experience for me. I honestly don’t know if it was any good as I have nothing to compare it too but I was impressed by the talent & the ability to remember all those pieces that were played [no pics allowed].

3. Sunday at Xcel Church. I love my church. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on a Sunday. Nothing beats the presence of God and today I experienced the presence of God. Loved it. For me it was that proper, deep breathing, drink it in, presence of God. God’s word was ‘breakthrough’ and I’m taking a hold of that. Believing for my breakthrough in these next 7 days.

What was the highlight of the last 3 days for you? Please share…

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