I read the Amplified Bible translation of Matthew 5:3 and saw that it describes BLESSED like this ~ to be happy, to be envied, to be spiritually prosperous, those who experience God’s favour and the revelation of His matchless grace.

We all want to be BLESSED. Well I know I do. I just need to make sure it’s the right kind of blessed. It’s just a thought. After all maybe when I speak of being blessed, if I’m honest I often mean materially blessed. Nothing wrong with that, God wants the best for me. Just as I do for my kids.

Hope you saw the difference though. It is subtle but it’s definitely there.

Blessed doesn’t necessarily mean materially prosperous.

Blessed from the perspective of Jesus is about being spiritually prosperous, it’s about experiencing the favour of God on my life. Now that changes my focus, it changes my prayer and it’s definitely changing what I hunger & thirst for’. How about you?

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