I like to be thanked. I like appreciation and reward for the things I do. Come on, if we are honest, most of us do. We do things to be noticed and don’t like it when we are not. Think about it, the number one reason people leave teams is a lack of appreciation.

My way can often be this: do things to be noticed by everyone so that they will reward me

However, in reading Matthew 6, I see that Gods way has a subtle difference: do things that are right to do even if no one notices and trust that God does and will reward you

When it comes to charitable deeds [v4], praying [v6] and fasting [v18] the word of God tells us to just do them. Don’t worry if people don’t see because ‘your Heavenly Father who sees what you do IN SECRET will reward you IN THE OPEN‘.

Seems like a great deal to me. I know from experience that it’s not as easy as it sounds but I’m endeavouring to not make the attention all about me and just do what the word of God says and make it all about God and others. My rewards will come from the best place then. How about you?

[By the way, my Senior Pastor preached a couple of messages on this topic recently, check them out here]

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