Things I am learning at the moment…

Not all time in life is equal. Life serves up some moments that count much more than other moments. Some moments are more important than others. They have the potential to define you. Will we be ready?

We determine whether the moment will pull us ahead, cause us to fall behind or kill us off.

So here goes. Here is how to be better prepared for the greater things God has for us. Will we be prayed up & confident enough in the Word of God that when the moment comes we won’t miss it?

Here’s the thing. We mustn’t wait for the opportunity to come before getting prepared. At that moment it’s often too late. Start preparations today in two vital areas:

Your prayer life: it will define you. If you are not in conversation with God then you may miss it.

Your reading of the Word of God: it will shape you. Knowing He has created you for more and understanding better how God sees you will ready you for when the moment comes.

Our future awaits us. It won’t arrive easily. There will be challenges. There will be some obstacles. There will be times of defeat. There will be times of victory. One thing I am learning though – prayer & the Word will help you to navigate these times and to see you through to the other side. It might look different to what I thought it would look like but I know without doubt it’s where God has taken me.

[Hope that makes sense. I want the greater God has for my life. It’s my prayer every day. Lord lead me to the place where you need me to be. How about you? What do you think?]

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