What a curious phrase. After all, dishonour is not something we naturally go looking for.

We like to be liked.

We work hard to save face, to protect the image, to make sure that people only see what we want them to see.

Personally I am more inclined to feel honoured to have been honoured, not dishonoured.

Dishonour doesn’t sound good. No one works towards the goal of dishonour. It feels unpleasant, uncomfortable, humiliating, embarrassing, not something to be overjoyed about. It’s speaks of shame, disgrace and a lack of respect. To see that as an honour just seems utter madness.

Yet….in Acts 5 we read that the apostles were ‘overjoyed because they had been given the honour of being dishonoured on account of the Name.’ [v41]

Just take a moment to reflect on that statement. They are overjoyed to have been dishonoured, shamed and beaten for talking about Jesus, for living for Him and declaring His name. Wow.

It’s not that they went looking for dishonour but they didn’t actively try to avoid it either.

It’s not that they wanted a beating or public humiliation, it was who the beating and public humiliation was for that made the difference. It’s not for any old name that they would stand dishonoured but on account of THE NAME that they were happy to.

They counted it an honour to be dishonoured on account of THE NAME as it associated them with Jesus, the person who counted it an honour to be dishonoured for them.

They counted it an honour to be dishonoured on account of THE NAME, which meant the good news of Jesus continued to be told, giving us the privilege of now being able to stand and honour THE NAME. 

Perhaps in my doing of Christianity I am sometimes in danger of becoming more concerned with doing it the right way, keeping it all very slick and almost professional, rather than just being a Christian and taking what comes as I journey along.

Who in the future will be able to stand and honour the name of Jesus because I counted it an honour to be dishonoured on account of THE NAME?

Nothing wrong with wanting life comfy and easy but it does seem to me that the Apostles were less concerned with that and mostly concerned with making sure their life honoured Jesus. We are not dishonoured very often for Jesus where I live. Maybe in the future we will be. If being dishonoured for Jesus is required then I pray I will be ready to take the hit, maybe even literally. In the meantime, I count it an honour that Jesus was dishonoured for me and I will live my life giving my all to honour Him in every way possible.

Hope that makes sense. How about you?

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