What if 2014 was a year of walking with God? And by that I mean intentionally walking with God.

How would that change how we live life, how we speak, how we respond to people, how we see things?

Reading the first few chapters of Genesis you get a clear view of how important walking with God was.

It represented right standing with God.

It positioned people for grace, favour and blessing.

It was the place to hear Gods voice clearly.

It is where we are designed to be.

It demonstrates the right kind of relationship that God has always desired to have with people.

It’s where I am choosing to be or at least do my very best to stay.

It seems to me that when people wandered off to walk by themselves, that’s when the trouble started. People acted for themselves or what they felt was right, and the consequences were not good. I don’t want to find myself in that place.

Want the best year yet? Then choose to walk with God, stay close to Him, don’t drift, don’t be distracted, stay focused and know that you are in the right place to receive Gods best.

What are you believing 2014 to be the year of?

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