Last week I asked the question ‘what if 2014 was a year of walking with God?’ The kind with some proper intention on our part to walk the best we can with our God.

Here I am. 7 days of 2014 completed. Just trying to do my best and keep on walking with God. To acknowledge Him every day, in all the things I do. To see His hand moving in my life, in my family, in my area of involvement within Church and in Xcel too.

As I have begun to read my Bible again this year I am reading with a view to see how walking with God makes a difference. After all, what is the Bible if it’s not just a book full of stories about what happens to people who are either walking with God or not walking with God.

I shouldn’t be amazed by I always am, that when you read the Bible, how much it speaks to you. It’s not like any other book when it comes to teaching, guiding and changing me.

We were created to walk with God. Nothing else that God created is able to have relationship with God like humans can. We were made in His image. He breathed His breath into us. He gave everything to Adam to look after. That’s a special, unique, relationship. One of great privilege and honour. One where taking responsibility is paramount.

One of my favourite things is to go for a walk with my wife. Doesn’t need to be anywhere fancy, just a walk to the shops will do. The important thing, it’s just the two of us. Holding hands. In each others company. Talking, sharing thoughts, comments on life, family, the kids. Looking ahead with excitement, believing together in faith for our future with one another and with God.

Maybe that’s what God enjoys too. Just time with us. Walking with us. Chatting with us about life, family and the universe. Time spent just with God and nothing else to get in the way. It’s what we were created for.

How about setting some time aside this week to just hang out with God. What do you do to make sure you are walking well with God?

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