Continuing from last weeks thoughts…

When we stay close to God, we have everything we need. Adam had it all. Best looking wife in the world. All the food and provision that he could ever want for. Plus, the opportunity to walk with God in the cool of the day. That is Eden. When we recognise that we were created to walk with God and we keep walking with God then we are positioning ourselves in the right place, living the right way, and enjoy the blessings that God has for us.

Maybe this seems too simplistic but I don’t think God designed it to be complicated. We’ve done that perfectly well on our own. The biggest challenge is for us to stay close. We jam-pack our days with so much that we often forget to make time for the important relationships in our lives. Especially the time for God. We forget how good we really have it, that we truly have everything we need, and that all that we have comes from God in the first place.

When things are going well, stay close to God. You will have everything you need. When life throws up the inevitable adversity, stay close to God. You will have everything you need. Just look at Joseph as a model (Genesis 39 onwards). Staying close to God doesn’t remove adversity but it definitely helps you travel through it the right way.

When we walk at a distance, we can easily drift towards self-reliance. You could argue that Adam & Eve only took their eye of the ball for a moment, it wasn’t much. The reality is though, it was enough.

It reminds me how easy it is to drift. I’m certain it’s not something we consciously choose to do. It’s not that we even drift for things that could be considered ‘evil’, it’s usually something ‘normal’. A new job. A new opportunity. A new friendship. Family. Work. Whatever. Without even realising it has happened, we can find that we have drifted away from walking as close to God as we once did and then, instead of being close enough to God to hear His voice on life and all it’s issues, we just start making our own mind up, or being persuaded towards other things and thinking it will be alright.

To remain faithful to God is to walk with God and it brings its own reward. Distance provides opportunity to compromise, to forget God, the one who after all, has provided, blessed, helped and made possible all that we are now enjoying or who can hold us, carry us, keep us and grow us as we persevere and endure adversity. Any other place is just one we have created ourselves and could be considered selfish.

How do you make sure that you don’t drift away from God? 

2 thoughts on “Keeping Walking Closely

  1. I find this piece echoes my own experience. I have drifted at times but God has always put people in my World that cared about my salvation. Being in fellowship and connected with others , praying together and just doing life is a great way of keeping me close to Jesus .

  2. It’s so important to have the right kind of people in your world to help keep you close to Jesus. Praying & believing that 2014 will be your best year yet as you walk closely with Jesus.

    Thanks for the comment.

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