Nothing beats the presence of God.

No self-help manuals, no exercise regime, no healthy-eating plan. Placing yourself in the presence of God can bring change like no other experience. That’s not to say that these other things are of no use, after the the Apostle Paul said that ‘bodily exercise profits a little’.

BUT last night at Xcel Church was just so powerful. The presence of God was seemingly tangible, overwhelming at times. I am totally convinced that we have been witness to miracles, to lives being changed, to circumstances being transformed. There was a shift in the atmosphere, like we stepped up a level, as if God was preparing us for the future He has prepared for us. A marker moment for us as we determine to be relentless in our walk with God

All I can do is encourage you to not miss out on what God is doing. Have an incredible week, and remember, as we have been hearing through this series, we are made to reign in life. See you Sunday.

[by the way, these are just my thoughts]

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