Genesis 6:9 Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God.

Noah walked with God. A simple, yet sobering statement. When I read this it made me wonder if that’s how people would describe me. How do I measure up?

After all, walking with God sounds straightforward enough but from my experience I have learned that it’s not. It represents a life choice that will be tested every day. However, I also know it represents a life choice that if we stand true to and just keep walking, will position us for great things. Not so much in the eyes of people but definitely in the eyes of God.

Think about the culture in which Noah found himself. It was selfish, corrupt, perverted, sinful, anti-God. Sounds familiar. No wonder Noah stood out. God searched across the earth, He weighed the substance of peoples lives and He found them all wanting, except for one. Only one man, Noah, displayed the qualities that God was looking for. And it saved him. These qualities made him successful from God’s point of view, a different measure to how people may normally view success.

Not so much about what you have made but more about how you are madeTalent and achievement are fine but God looks at the heart of the person using the talents given them.

Not so much about what you are getting but more about who you are becoming. Material wealth and the accumulation of things are not the first thing God looks for. If it was, we may find ourselves disqualified.

Here’s what challenges me about Noah. To ask myself the question – do I walk with God displaying these characteristics?

  • Noah was Good
  • Noah was Humble
  • Noah was Obedient
  • Noah was Principled
  • Noah Loved God

Some might say that living this way is easy and maybe it is when there are others around you who have chosen to live that kind of lifestyle too. The Bible is very clear though, Noah was the only one who lived liked this. Which makes his walk with God even more outstanding.

I try and imagine the struggles, the persecution, the challenge of standing true to what you know is right. To believe in God when all others are ignoring him. To remain obedient to Gods voice and His desires while others live for themselves and their own selfish desires. The determination required to remain pure, hold to your principles and maintain your integrity, when everybody else doesn’t seem to care.

We may consider living as a follower of God today challenging, for me, this is a ‘whole other level’. I am encouraged though to give it a go because of the rewards Noah received…

  • Grace and Favour
  • Honour
  • Salvation
  • A Fresh Start
  • Revelation of God

When I read this I see a man, just like anyone of us, who chose to walk with God, which by doing, gave  him right-standing with God. The same is available for me and you. To walk with God is to be right with God. It is to be good, to be humble, to be obedient, to be principled and to love Him. It is live under the covering of God’s endless grace and favour, to be honoured and set apart, to receive salvation and new birth and to begin a journey of discovering more about who God is. It is to live that way despite how everyone else may be choosing to live.

Q: How would people describe you?
Q: What can we learn from the way Noah walked with God? 
Q: In which ways does our walk with God need to improve?

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