Leadership is about people.

After keeping my trust in God strong, one thing kept me going. People. I was at University in Sheffield at the time and the church I was part of wasn’t large but it had a good bunch of young adults in it and we all shared the same passion for wanting to serve. None of us really knew what we were doing but we had a willingness to give it a go. We would succeed and fail together.

I am thankful that we had each other.  For the sense of team and camaraderie. Even more than that, I was thankful for the friendships. We had fun. We had a laugh. We did life together. We supported one another, prayed for one another, encouraged each other. We fought for each other too.

As a group of friends we also had the investment from a couple in the church who not only encouraged us, but opened up their home to us, helped us in our thinking, prayed with us, believed in our ability to make a difference.

Looking back, their trust in us was pretty amazing. I think I spent as much time with them as I did getting my Uni work completed (maybe more sometimes). I have an immense sense of gratitude for the investment from Kevin & Tina. They took a punt on a bunch of young leaders and that’s a challenge to me right now to be doing the same.

Having the right kind of people around me kept me on the leadership journey. Despite my best efforts to sabotage my leadership with some choices that are best left unmentioned, having the right voices speaking into my life was invaluable.

I was regularly challenged to give things a go.
I was being confronted about lifestyle choices.
I was beginning to change into the person God needed me to become.
I was developing the character of a leader.

I have definitely learned that the following is very true…
Leadership is about people.
The people you lead.
The people you lead with.
The people who lead you.


Who are the people that you are thankful for? 
Those who have challenged and confronted you, brought about change and developed the right kind of leadership character in you?

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3 thoughts on “It’s About People [19.2]

  1. This is spot on!! There’s not a leadership book in the world that could replace that kind of genuine investment! I for one have found although it is sometimes painful, allowing others that permission to speak into your life & bring healthy challenge is sometimes the only way to really grow. Great stuff

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