Looking back at those early days of leadership, it was all about being challenged. To step into the unknown. To give it a go. I was scared, nervous, unsure and I have learned along the way that that’s alright.

For the first time ever I had to lead a group of young people.
For the first time ever I had to come up with some sort of programme, ideas, creative thinking, something that would keep their interest and that they would enjoy.
For the first time ever I had to turn up and produce. It was on me.
For the first time ever I had to listen to others critique what I produced. I had to learn to take it on the chin, accept hard comments, be ready to listen and make any necessary changes.
For the first time ever I had to teach about Jesus, pray with young people, actually think about how to put  Christian truths across to a bunch of them.

I loved it. I was hooked. My leadership journey had begun. Those first few months have now been repeated many times in a number of different leadership roles.

Leadership means challenge.

Without challenge we don’t grow.
Without challenge we don’t learn.
Without challenge we don’t discover what we can and cannot do.
Without challenge we don’t make mistakes and mistakes are when we probably learn the most.
Without challenge we don’t progress.
Without challenge we don’t stay sharp. We may just settle, get bored, become mediocre.
Without challenge we don’t fulfil our potential. Or at least we aren’t being pushed to reach for it.

To be a leader, get ready to embrace the challenges. It may be uncomfortable because of the stretch, but it’s okay, just stick in, keep stretching, keep stepping up and you can become the leader that you have the ability and desire to become.

What challenge has grown you the most as a leader?

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