One of the biggest reasons my walk with God doesn’t always feel like it’s succeeding & flourishing the way it should is probably that at times I start to walk for myself rather than for God. I start to live for my own desires rather than desiring what God wants for my life. I start to build my life my way instead of allowing God to build my life His way.

In Genesis 11 we see people coming together and pursuing an endeavour although not altogether evil, wasn’t the best that God had for them. Their walk had become about their own personal desires and not about just desiring God.

In these verses is a phrase that maybe highlights why things had started to drift.

‘Come let us build for ourselves’

Why do we start to build for ourselves and not for God?
Why do we start to build for ourselves convincing ourselves that we are building for God, when we are not?

Is it about popular opinion?
Is it that ‘everyone else is doing it’?
Is it the power of the crowd?
Is it just laziness to not stand your ground, hold onto your convictions and allow God to be God?

Even this week one of my daughters has been challenged to live this out. Choosing to not live for herself or the way of her friends but for God. It may well bring some grief from some so-called friends. It’s not easy to not follow the crowd. As we are discovering, it takes effort to keep walking with God, especially when most other people just walk for themselves.

My answer to my daughter, hold onto your God. I encouraged her to keep living out what she believes is the right way to live based on her love for God…

Be generous
Stay kind
Remember you are not perfect either
Put others first
Speak words of encouragement
Believe the best of people 

I believe God will honour her for the right choice, because He understands it’s the difficult choice. She is just trying to keep walking with God and I think He loves to reward that kind of behaviour.


What’s your experience of choosing to walk for God when others close to you don’t?
How would you encourage my daughter?

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