In Genesis 17 we see God giving instructions to Abram, that walking before Him would bring the fulfilment of the promises previously spoken. I imagine God telling him, ‘Put yourself here’, as he points to that spot right in front of Him. Walk here. Walk upright. Be blameless. Don’t move from this place and you will see the covenant, the heart of our relationship, come to pass. To me, this is all about being in proximity to God. Putting yourself near to Him, within the reach of God’s favour, after all, the blessing of God is the best kind of blessing.

When we walk in our own way, maybe we can only receive the blessings that we create. As with Abram and Sarai, we can all fashion an answer. You know, He’s not moving at our pace and our impatience causes us to contrive an outcome. It’s alright God, we’ve got it covered.

In 1998 I made such an error. It seemed like what was before me was too good an opportunity to miss. I did some due diligence, spoke to some good Christian people, gave it a little prayer, convinced myself that God wanted to bless me and that this would be a great way for Him to do so. However much I dressed it up as Gods way, it was still my way and not the best that God had for me.

I have learned that God will sometimes let us have our own way, consequences and all. I have lived with a determination to not make such a mistake again. I am learning to walk before Him. To not see it as a chore. Instead,  to see it as about relationship and that in relationship we learn to honour one another. To walk before God is to honour God, to be determined to dedicate my life to Him and His ways.

  • Proximity to God has a positive impact on how we think, how we speak, how we act. 
  • We begin to see things how God see things because we share in His line of sight, which makes it easier to catch His vision and His future for us.
  • We create new filters for our lives as we have constant regard to what He says. It’s easier for Him to whisper in our ear and for us to recognise His voice.
  • As we stay close to Him, our walk occurs within the shadow of His glory. This is an immensely privileged position. The glory is what makes God, God.
  • When we walk before Him, we can access and appropriate all the character of God in our own lives. His glory will make a way for us as everything must give way to God’s power, authority and wisdom.

It really is the best place to walk. Think about it, to not walk before God means to not be accessing  all of these benefits.

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