Experts say that we are the average of the five people we hang around with the most. Certainly makes you think.

Who are you doing life with?

John Maxwell talks about our inner circle and that we need different types of people in that circle, who between them will bring out the best in us, believe the best of us and build a life with us. They don’t complete us or compete with us but rather compliment us.

Brings a bunch of questions to my mind:
Who are you listening to?
Why are you listening to them?
What are they saying? 
Does what they want from life match with the core values of your own life?
From what type of values are the words they speak being spoken from?

In 1998 I made a decision to start working with someone, to be their financial advisor. We got on well, shared some common ideas for business but in hindsight it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Different ambitions. 
Different core values. 
Different intentions of the heart. 

The outcome wasn’t pretty. I took a hard hit. Lost my job. No income. I found myself having to start my own business from scratch. It was a lesson well learned.

All relationships can feel good and right. They can even be productive but that doesn’t mean you should pursue them, invest energy in them and build something with those people.

Right relationships with the right people at the right time should eventually bring the right results. In contrast, even the very best relationship with the wrong person even at the right time will not produce the right kind of results. It may seem right in our own eyes but maybe not in Gods.

The basis of any good relationship is the values that you share. From that foundation will come the intentions of the heart. If those values differ from your own then you could find yourself compromising your own values for someone else’s. Take it from me, it’s easy done, after all, they are probably not evil but perhaps not what God intended for you.

When I read in Genesis about Abraham I read about someone who chose to make his relationship with God the most significant one. Out of this pivotal relationship would flow all other relationships, all other decisions, all other outcomes. This was a covenant relationship and it  would become the filter by which Abraham dealt with all that might come his way.

When you observe Abraham’s life you see that to bring strength to this relationship with God it had to survive certain tests…

The Divine Test
The Sacrifice Test
The Test of Time

What do you think these tests may represent?

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