It’s already March. This years focus for me as I read my Bible is ‘walking with God’. I am identifying phrases, thoughts, observing the people in the Bible and how God spoke to them, through them, journeyed with them as they endeavoured to walk with Him.

Our relationship with God needs to pass the divine test.
Simple: when walking with God, trust God.
Challenge: it never seems that simple

Abraham got there, eventually. He made sure his relationship with God passed the divine test but not straight away. When the promise given wasn’t coming he and Sarah created their own solution. God is gracious, and I am thankful for that. If we are honest, we have probably all done that at some point. It doesn’t mean we don’t love God, it maybe just demonstrates our inability at time to allow God to be divine, for the providence of God to play out.

In Genesis 17 the instructions and benefits to Abraham were a simple reminder…
Walk before God.
Blameless, upright.
The covenant between us will be established.

Abrahams response was simple…
To recognise God as Sovereign.
To fall facedown, prostrate before the Lord.
To give due honour, reverence, respect.
To see God as divine and able, despite his own view on his circumstances.

That’s the divine test.

Whose word will we hold on to?
Whose promises will we stand on?
Are our words divine or Gods words divine?

I am learning as I walk with God to listen more closely to the words coming from God. Then, according to His word, I will be established, His promises can come to pass, I gain right-standing with Him and my faith in Him is, like Abraham, accounted to me as righteousness.

My simple prayer is this:
Lord, be divine in my life. In word, in deed, in rule. Have your way in my life, in all things, even when I don’t understand what you are doing. Let my faith in you be strong, sure and steadfast, knowing that you always have an eye on the bigger picture of my life.

How would you say your relationship does in regards to the divine test?

5 thoughts on “Passing the Divine Test

  1. Really great blog, again! This one is a real clincher & something God has challenged my heart on recently… Trusting not just in His promise, which I can find quite easy to believe God will bring something about. But, then trusting God as to HOW He brings it about are two different things.

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