Just continuing with my thoughts about what it may take to build a strong relationship with God. Relationships experience many tests of which I am choosing to focus on three – the Divine Test, the Sacrifice Test and the Test of Time.

This is my definition of the sacrifice test: it’s about a willingness to let go of that which is most precious to us. The dictionary says that sacrifice is an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.

I am learning as I choose to walk with God that it is a difficult test to pass. This is why. I don’t want to give stuff up. I like, enjoy and value it. Maybe it cost me financially or time wise. Perhaps it doesn’t make sense naturally so I just choose to ignore what God is saying. Instead of sacrifice I hold on even more tightly to what I have. However, here’s what I know…

Compromise is not enough.
Giving a little is not enough. 
Bartering with God is not enough.

Reading about Abraham in Genesis and watching him experience this test it always seems somewhat extreme. Surely God didn’t really mean it? Why would he ask someone to lay down his son? The son God promised him? Why be asked to do something that can only be described as the ultimate sacrifice?

Here’s how he passed. Faith. Trust. Knowing God as divine, as provident, as a keeper of His promises. And he didn’t even have the example of Jesus like we do.

God gave. So we give.

God’s love for us was a sacrificial love. Our love therefore should be sacrificial. 

My willingness to sacrifice demonstrates my faith in God.
My willingness to sacrifice evidences my obedience to God.
My willingness to sacrifice aligns me with Gods willingness to sacrifice.
My willingness to sacrifice shows I am happy for my relationship with God to cost something.

No guarantee it won’t be challenging by every guarantee we will be rewarded. Faith pleases God. Obedience pleases God. There is always a cost. God has played His part. We just have to be ready to play ours.

What do we hold too tightly?
Why do we find being obedient in this area of our walk with God so difficult?

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