Sometimes it’s hard to put into words what you are thinking. In my journey of walking with God I thought about three tests that we maybe have to successfully navigate – the divine test, the sacrifice test and the test of time.

It is often said that it’s not how you start but how you finish that really counts. I think there may be some truth in that when it comes to our walk with God. His desires is for us to walk with Him ALL the days of our lives not just some.

He loves us unconditionally, just a I do as dad with my girls. I also think, that just like me as a dad who loves it when my girls want to hang out with me, walk with me and enjoy my company, God feels the same. He loves it when we begin walking with Him and He loves it when we continue to choose to walk with Him.

When reading the Bible it’s easy to see many who start well but finish poorly. Abraham is one of the few who started and finished well. He demonstrates that great relationships, like that between him and God, stand the test of time and are the better for it.

For those who finished badly, maybe time created space for distractions. The day in, day out aspect of keeping the principles God became less important, in contrast to their own ideas of what would be best. Time with God alone seemed to satisfy less. Personally, I don’t want that to happen.

I look at my relationships, some have been friends for over 20 years and I see that the test of time is passed by allowing time to work in our favour. Time can bring strength to relationships that other things cannot.

Time creates shared experiences, a lifetime of memories. We have moved on from simple conversations to knowing one another instinctively.

Time can smooth out the rough edges. Acquiring an understanding of what makes us each other tick, our unique personalities, means we know sometimes we will get it wrong and that’s alright. Time isn’t just a healer for us, instead, it has given us permission to be who we really are with those closest to us.

Time builds connections between people that are hard to break. We are loyal, we love each other, not in a soppy way but with a strength that comes from a trust only earned and nurtured over time. Newcomers find that hard to compete with but it can’t be helped. However, the good thing is, it means we will probably demonstrate the same qualities with others too.

Whether with God or with friends, the test of time cannot be avoided. Best just decide to make the most of it, work hard and build a relationship with both God and man that will bless all involved.

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