God appeared to Isaac and said, ‘Dwell in this land, and I will be with you and bless you.’ [Genesis 26:3]

It is just another proof to me that God is always with us. This land where Isaac was to dwell was experiencing a famine. There was no natural reason to stay there. Yet Isaac trusted Gods word to him, did as he was instructed and he was blessed.

God is with us in all circumstances. Let’s be honest, life happens. Some stuff we have control over but much of what happens, we do not control. I am thankful that through the ‘whatever’ that life brings, whether good or not so good, God is with me.

As I choose to walk with God I am discovering that it’s the simple acts that make the biggest difference. They are the same ones that enabled Isaac to trust his God…

Be in a position to hear what God is saying
Listen to what God is saying
Follow through and do what God is saying

There may be times when I wonder what God is playing at, that He might be more willing to show me some of those unseen plans He has for my life, but then that might influence my willingness to truly trust Him and keep hold of my faith in Him. I may begin to think it was more about me than Him.

I’m grateful that God enters my life from a position of completeness, not with the partial ’now’ view that I have. He knows what’s coming, which means I don’t need to worry about it, try and fix it or come up with my own solution. He really does have it covered.

So, this is how I am trying to live my life: if I truly believe that God is who He says He is and He is able to do what He says He is able to do, then I can know that He is with me, always, in all circumstances, and that He has all the answers I need, even better than I could possibly workout for myself.

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