Practice your leadership.

Sounds like one of those daft things to say but to become a better leader and to develop the right characteristics, you need to practice.

THIS IS A ‘SHOWING-OFF’ WARNING: when I was younger I played a number of sports to quite a good level. I played badminton for the County. I competed in the Sussex Open Snooker Tournament. I played tennis for the local club.

I had some ability but I never broke through. I didn’t like the practice.

Practice was boring and repetitive.
Practice was not glamourous.
Practice wasn’t competitive.
Practice was time-consuming.
Practice was about coaching, being corrected, being told about every little thing that wasn’t quite right.

BUT one the flip-side….

Practice was essential.
Practice was about improving.
Practice was about messing up when it didn’t matter.
Practice was about increasing my chances for success. 
Practice was about learning new techniques and keeping up to date

I am thankful for the opportunities presented to me as a 19 year old to learn what leadership was about. To be encouraged to have a go. To be allowed to practice. What I have learned on my 25 year journey, the things I am sharing through this blog, have definitely played a major role in shaping me into the leader I am today – hopefully for the better too.

People who practice….

Perfect their leadership art
Rehearse the leadership role to get it right
Apply new techniques as they learn them
Consider all the options
Take on common, tried and tested leadership practices
Implement others ideas to improve their performance 
Check their motives at all times, as to why they are wanting to improve
Exercise their leadership muscles & stretch themselves when appropriate

What do your think to my idea of practicing leading?

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