I am the God of Bethel, where you anointed the pillar and where you made a vow to Me. Now arise, get out of this land, and return to the land of your family

Jacob knew God had spoken to him in his dream, who wouldn’t with angels ascending and descending between heaven and earth. That experience caused him to respond and make a vow that day to honour His God. He made a promise to return and worship God in that place.

Like Jacob, I can look back and see significant occasions when I know with absolute certainty that God has spoken to me. Times when I have received revelation straight from God. Moments when I have seen God in a new way, with freshness, with clarity, all of which have provided me with renewed confidence to move forward in something or  to just continue doing what I already knew I should be doing. In my walking with God, I desire revelation.

Revelation from God changes us.
Revelation is essential if we want to grow as a Christian.
Revelation is encouraging and builds our faith.
Revelation is for the now.
Revelation is for all the time.

Here’s what I love as the story of Jacob and God unfolds. Jacob gets on with life, he is working hard, we can see that God is with him and blessing him. All the time God has not forgotten. The revelation He gave ‘back then’ is still true ‘right now’. It’s often our response that is slow in keeping up.

God has no problem in reminding us of the things we have said to Him in moments of spiritual revelation. Personally, I am glad that He does. I need reminding more often than I want to admit.

I need reminding that…
God is always with us. How easily I forget this simple truth and think that life is just up to me.
God never remembers my sins but never forgets His promise. When He has spoken revelation into our hearts, know that its time for fulfilment will arrive at the right time.
Gods word stands the test of time. It always accomplishes what it says it will accomplish.
God is faithful and true. People may not be but God definitely is.

I wonder if like me you have received revelation. A moment with God when everything changed and I wonder if like me there are promises you made to God as a result of that revelation that you have not yet kept your word on. Like me you would ask the question…what am I not doing that I promised God I would? Please Lord, remind me.

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