‘Please hear this dream I have dreamed’ [Genesis 37:5]

Adam had all of creation presented to him
Noah was party to the future of the world
Abraham was told to imagine having sons more numerous than the stars
Jacob wrestled the Angel of God
Joseph saw his life in the way that God saw it….BIGGER

Walking with God is living life at a higher level. Living life with a panoramic view.

Life can only truly be at its biggest when we place God at the centre of it. Joseph had a sense of his future based on this thought, although I’m sure he didn’t see it exactly as it happened. He just made a determination to walk with God, the rest was the adventure of living it.

A dream though is one thing. Holding on to it through all eventualities is something completely different. Unfortunately many people don’t make it. Feelings and emotions can get in the way. Problems and challenges can become obstacles that seemingly cannot be overcome.

Joseph held on to what he knew. God was for him. God had a plan for his life. He walked as someone who had faith in his God. I think even if the dream had not been fulfilled he would have held on to his faith. It was after all the most important thing to him. It’s what helped him make decisions along the way and it’s why Gods favour was on him wherever he happened to be.

When it comes to my walk with God I look at Joseph and some thoughts come to mind…
I want that same kind of life.
I want to live with that greater level of faith.
I want to see my future in the way that God sees my future.
I don’t want my emotions to get in the way of the BIGGER life that God has for me.
I am determined to keep the main thing the main thing.

How about you? What’s the dream God has given you? 
What will you make sure doesn’t get in the way of holding on to your faith?

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