Been challenged recently in my thinking about WHAT I am doing in the context of WHY I am doing it. This doesn’t come easy for me. As someone who is naturally more of a systems and process type of person, I can easily make it all about WHAT I am doing and how I am doing it and forget the WHY.

However, as I go about my day-to-day role within the life of Xcel Church this is the question I am keeping at the forefront – does WHAT I am doing clearly demonstrate the WHY?

I have to be a leader who leads with WHY not WHAT.

WHAT is a tick-list of things to be done. Nothing wrong with that, things need to get done. WHY is the inspiration behind the tick-list.

WHAT can go wrong and often does. In that situation, if we only focus on the WHAT then we may get discouraged. The WHY keeps you going even when things go wrong.

WHAT is the end product. WHY is the value on which the end product is built.

Have you ever given thought to what your WHY is? Does WHAT you do demonstrate to others what your WHY is?


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