Why is saying ‘thank you’ so difficult. We all know what it feels like to receive gratitude from someone else, yet so often we struggle to give it.

How’s your thankfulness? I’ll be honest, mine is not always that great. I can hurry through life without pausing long enough to show some gratitude. Sorry.

2 things have challenged me on this over the last few days. Firstly, I watched the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games. Men and women from the Armed Forces of different nations, who are thankful to be alive. Thankful for an opportunity to compete. Stories of gratitude in the midst of incredible adversity I doubt I’ll ever experience.

Then I read the story of Jason Kralik and how thankfulness changed his life. He set himself the goal to say thank you for something every day. 365 thank you’s. It changed him. He began noticing things. He helps us understand that gratitude is a choice, a deliberate act on our part, it doesn’t occur by accident.

Sometimes I wonder if God will give us what we want when we can come across so unthankful for what He has already done and all that we already have.

How about taking up our own thankfulness challenge. Over the next 7 days, set an alarm of gratefulness, then send a message, post a status, make a call, say ‘thank you’ for someone and what they did for you that day or thank you for some thing that happened to you.


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