They always arrive quicker than you want them to. After a pretty full Sunday in Church that alarm on a Monday can be a shock to the system. Every day can be a ‘make sure the girls are up day’. After all, it’s getting darker and as we head into Autumn and Winter resistance levels to getting up can begin to increase.

Travel through my week with me and discover what I do.

Mondays are a mix of conversations and catch ups.

As a team, we feedback from a Sunday. Stories. Good things. Anything noteworthy. Plus is there anything specific that didn’t go as well as we would like? We do ask the question, was anyone not there? This is important as we want to ensure that people are cared for and maybe there are reasons why they didn’t get to church and there things we can do to help. We also spend some time looking ahead to next week. Is there anything to prepare, something we want to focus on or do differently?

The rest of my day was a mix of agreeing media designs as we upgrade some logo’s, checking the website to see that it remains updated, all of which is about helping ministries get ready for relaunching. Today I also had the wonderful experience which is a Finance Sub-Group Meeting. My job as an Executive Pastor is not all about reading my Bible and praying, although I do that too. Keeping track of income and expenses is vital. I view it that some of the income is what people have given willingly to the vision of Xcel so we must handle that money with care and with integrity.

Before heading home I did some planning and preparation for XFL our Leadership Programme which starts next week. I have to say that this is one of the best parts of my role. Being involved in leadership development satisfies my soul as it definitely flows from the ‘why’ of my life.

Finally, this evening I popped in to the Sunday morning team meeting for Aycliffe as they shared ideas for making the experience people have when they come to Xcel Church even better.

Every day is full and varied, and I love it. Let’s do it all again tomorrow.

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