I don’t get up as early as some but I do like to try and grab 10 minutes to pray before the kids are up and about. I have kept a journal of prayers for just over 2 years. It’s great to be able to look back and see what God has done. It might not be a day in the office but this part of my daily routine doesn’t stop.

Wednesday is usually a more restful day. A chance to do some of the household stuff like cleaning the house and putting some washing on. Contrary to popular belief angels don’t come and do that, which I think is a shame. Most Wednesdays I will do a bit of reading. I always have a pile of books on the shelf. Also I’ll do some writing too. This goal I set myself of blogging every day throughout September is challenging but a good discipline. I have a desire to write a book, so all this is just the practice.

If I’m preaching on Sunday I will take some time for study, gathering thoughts and ideas for the message. I don’t know how others put a preach together but I am slow burner on ideas. I am pretty much always making some notes, collecting illustrations and stories, ready for use in the future.

Even on a day off I did call into the office briefly to pick up the papers for the Grace Series I was working on yesterday so I could do my best to them finished off at home.

Church never stops. Tonight was Girls of Xcel. Whether you were there or not the top secret news was about the change of its name to DAUGHTERS and fresh, exciting future for the women’s ministry within Xcel Church.

Don’t forget that in the morning we are praying between 7-8AM. If you can join as the Centre that would be great, otherwise why not just pray at home. As a team we are coming together, praying and fasting every Thursday, We believing to see some healing and miracles.

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