It’s easy to become tunnel-visioned.

It’s important to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. My role is no different. There is a need on some occasions to just get my head down, get stuff sorted and get the information out. I’ve been accused in the past about spending too much time at my desk and not enough time with people. It’s a balance. On one side, I am a Pastor and that could be considered the people focused part of what I do. Yet, on the other side, much of the day-to-day church management is mine to oversee, which is about getting things done.

How does this balance play out?

Protect the Church diary. Someone has to do this. We don’t want it so full of events that people start to resent no free nights without opportunity to be with their own family or hang out with friends. How can we ‘go’ into all the world if we spend all our time at Church? Sometimes I have to say no. Not because I don’t like the event, more to just make sure we use our time wisely.

Help others discover what they can do. This is about being a leader of leaders. It’s about the delegation of tasks that I don’t need to do and keeping hold of the projects that only I can do. It’s not just about passing stuff around but more about helping others see what they are capable of. The only limit we have is the one we often put on ourselves. ‘I can’t’ can be changed. It takes time, encouragement, leading, equipping and sometimes just a good old-fashioned kick up the butt.

More conversations. Face to face catch-ups, both organised and organic. This is how you do the above. It’s time consuming but I probably have anything from 1 to 10 catch-ups each week. Some are intentional and made as an appointment, others are more impromptu. Most of these are with leaders in church, as well as those I am coaching via XFL.

Always look ahead. Occasionally I get called ‘statto’. I am a bit like Rain Man. Definitely. Definitely am. If I don’t know it’s happening then that probably means that it’s not official. A long range vision helps to know what fits and what doesn’t. A long range diary helps protect the diary and to know where people can get involved.

I’m no expert. I am just trying to do the best I can. Hopefully, most of the time I get it right. I am aware that sometimes I get it wrong. For that, I am sorry.

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