We are no different to your family. We have had a busy week, kids included, so Saturday’s are a great opportunity to pause. Today we had nothing planned and we kept to that plan.

Rest is important. It’s an opportunity to catch up on all the normal household stuff. To hang out as family. To have a laugh together. To support one another as we get on with our work. To chill.

We do try hard to not overdo it on a Saturday so we are ready for Sunday. I always look forward to Church with a sense of expectancy. My prayer is to see lives changed, to see salvations, to see new people in our services. I am expectant for us coming together as church and lifting up the name of Jesus.

This Jesus Lifestyle preaching series is pretty hard hitting and this week is no less strong. How to handle people is a life skill and Jesus spoke very clearly about it. Personally, I like these kind of topics. Don’t get cross with those who are preaching, we are just pointing out how we are supposed to be living according to the words of Jesus.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit to help us to live it.

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