What does it take to be a leader?

People have been writing about that subject for a long time, myself included. I love the whole leadership development process. I love getting to journey with someone who has a heart and desire to learn, to be challenged, to grow, to discover new things about themselves, to maybe even be told off once in a while too.

Everything should be considered a test. How we handle just about anything will have an influence on our ability to lead.

I do not teach from a position of completion. I am still on that journey myself. Here’s 5 quick things that can help you become a future leader:

1. Be teachable. Display a willingness to learn.

2. Join a team. Get involved. Don’t be picky, just start making something happen for someone else.

3. Read about leaders and leadership.

4. Get a coach. Find someone who will spur you on towards greatness but also guard you against your own foolishness.

5. Develop a greater self-awareness. Know your strengths and grow them. Know your weaknesses too and work to minimise their impact.

Great leaders do not arrive over-night. They emerge over time. Make the decision to become a great leader and do all you can to stay on that path.

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