These simple words of Jesus in Matthew 6:25 are powerful. He knew how worry would suck the life out of us. How it would choke us, cause us sleepless nights, get a hold of us and become difficult to let go of. He recognised it as a tactic of the enemy. A result of fear and doubt, a thinking on what could wrong and focusing on that too much.

The challenge is we get so used to worrying that we accept it. The way we feel about the things we worry about becomes normal. That does not make it right.

How should we handle worry?

Pray. Be anxious for NOTHING but in EVERYTHING pray [Philippians 4:6-7]

Immerse yourself in truth. Take captive every thought and bring it in line with the Word of God.

Let God do what you cannot do. We should pray, seek counsel and get organised but we must also let God be God. He is bigger than our worries. He can handle them.

Trust God. Don’t take it back when nothing seems to happen. Trust in the Lord. Don’t allow worry to steal your faith.

Put on the armour. Every day. Gird yourself with truth. Guard your heart. Lift up your shield of faith. Keep mindful of your salvation. Tell of all the good things Jesus has done for you.

Let’s stop worrying and start living. Let’s live the full life that Jesus spoke about. Let’s not give the devil a foothold any longer. Let’s trust God, no matter what.

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