No rain for 3 years. That’s a long time. Maybe some people had begun to give up on God. Maybe some had begun to doubt that the situation would ever change.

Yet one person chose to pray. One person chose to believe. Elijah stood alone doing what others felt they could not do. Or felt it wasn’t even worth doing. Perhaps you can relate.

No healing for a long time.
No financial breakthrough.
No change in circumstances.
No sign of God for a what has seemed like forever.

Then take courage. Go to the secret place and pray. Keep on praying and believing. Then look to see if God is on the move. Look for the cloud the size of a mans fist. Then get up and start moving by faith, trusting God for the fullness of the answer.

Be on the look out for what God is doing not what He isn’t. Keep your eyes open for that small move of God and be encouraged.

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