Get your full-court press on. Don’t give your opponent time to gain any forward motion.

I used to love a game of basketball. I was actually school captain. I remember that no team we faced would ever play full-court press all the time. It would be far too exhausting, although it has been proved that it is a worthwhile tactic for teams of lesser skill and ability in overcoming those who are the better basketball team. [*Malcom Gladwell ‘David & Goliath]

In life, we need to get our full-court press on. Don’t let our guard down.

Jesus tells us that the pure in heart are blessed, they will see God [Matthew 5:8]. We have been made perfect through Christ, for which I am thankful. Not of my own efforts, it is the incredible gift from God. Now comes my response – don’t allow the enemy [the opposition] in. Get my guard up. Full court-press. Don’t give him any space, no way through.

To be pure hearted means to remain unpolluted and undefiled. It is about staying ‘unmuddied’. What a great word. Unmuddied means to keep clear of sediment. The small stuff, the rubbish, the sand and grit that gathers under the surface which, for instance, eventually causes a river to break its bank when it becomes overwhelmed. I think that’s a great picture of our heart. All those little bits that get in there, those impurities, things that eventually have an influence on what comes out of our heart.

Simple response then. Guard your heart.

A full-court press demands greater fitness, greater energy levels, a greater sense of awareness. It’s a team play that requires each person on the team to fulfil that role to the best of their ability, then the opposition cannot break down the defence. The same is true for you and me. When we become stronger, fitter, more aware, then we are better able to keep our guard up. When we have the right people around us, like-minded individuals with the same sense of determination, then we are better able to keep our guard up.

The enemy is on the prowl, looking for who he can devour. He wants to kill, steal and destroy. Don’t give him any space and he can’t do that in your life. Too many times we here about the failing of someone. Staying pure in heart is not easy. There’s a lot of stuff clamouring for our hearts attention. Maybe it’s time for a dredge, a clean up, a bit of purification to be done. If you recognise some ‘muddiness’ in your heart then get it sorted. Be determined to not allow anything in that shouldn’t be there. Go for a full-court press. Set the boundary lines. Get the guard in place and don’t let it drop. With the help of the Holy Spirit – we can do this!

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