Just a quick thought after a great day in church unpacking this question: how do we change the world around us?

Anyone can bring change. However, lasting change only comes from God. This is the kind of change we, as Christians, are meant to bring. Yet I don’t think it’s the change we can bring unless we have experienced it for ourselves. If we are not different then how can we make a difference. We might pray for people to know Jesus but it doesn’t work telling people they need God to change them if they are looking at us thinking that if we represent change, then they don’t want it.

Jesus gives some simple instructions in Matthew 5. Be people who show mercy. Keep our heart pure. Expect persecution.

Do it all by being a person who goes in peace. 

Too often we have gone into the community with criticism. Too many times we have gone in with judgement, a pointing finger, giving our opinions as we go. Instead we are encouraged to be people who come in peace. To have a disposition of peace. To bring a conversation of peace. To be someone who doesn’t look for a reason for a good fight, but rather chooses peace.

This week the challenge is to speak peace over your neighbours, over your work colleagues, over you family, over your friends.

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