Leadership involves BIG conversations. Not always easy or comfortable but absolutely necessary.

BIG courage.
BIG vision.
BIG hearts.
BIG minds.

Big courage to hear what may be difficult to hear.

Big vision to see the future even though the view maybe different to yours.

Big hearts so that you don’t fall out with people who are on your team.

Big minds to be open to new ideas.

I love that the team I work with can be honest, open and forthright at times. We can disagree. We can challenge ideas. We can say no. All done not just to be awkward but with the purpose of discovering the best way forward. That’s the quality of a great team.

BIG conversations lead to BIG visions being accomplished.

I would rather be on a team like that than one geared more towards SMALL conversations because the vision doesn’t challenge things enough, doesn’t stretch the imagination or need any difficult decisions to be made.

Always go BIG.

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