I’m not sure about you but I cannot survive in my Christian walk without hearing from God. If I am not getting any whispers or gentle nudges from God then after a while I begin to get antsy, a bit fidgety.

There are plenty of voices in my world shouting for my attention but there is only one that really counts (even more than the wife’s) and that’s Gods voice.

How do I make sure I can hear from God? I determine to.

I clear the clutter. If needs be,  I will leave the rest of the family, remove distractions and just grab a few moments with God.

I read the Word, every day. Some days I read huge chunks, others days just a few verses. Either way, it is always done with an ear to hear what God is saying to me through it.

I pray, every day. To hear God speak you have to be in conversation with Him. You have to nurture the relationship. Get past the ‘bless me’ prayers and allow the Holy Spirit to lead your prayer time.

I position myself right. Now I’m not perfect, just ask my kids, but I do know this, if I want to be a person who hears from God I have to put myself in the right places. Therefore, going to Church is not just a habit, it’s a non-negotiable for me. It’s one of the prime places I go to where I know I’ll hear from God.

How about you – where is your place to hear from God? What was the last thing that God said to you?

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