We need to listen in.

We need to have an ear to hear what’s going on.

I’m not talking about eavesdropping. I’m thinking more about the development of a genuine interest in the conversations going on around us. Tonight, as I sit upstairs, I can hear the hubbub of the Connect Group happening in our front room. A bunch of young people discussing the recent series in Church. I can’t make out what they are saying yet it’s a beautiful sound to hear.

It’s full of the encouragement of friends. The sharing of thoughts and ideas. Prayers being spoken over one another. In the rush of my day I could easily miss this.

Listening is an art that many have lost. We talk too much. Some of us talk far too much. We have something to say and no time to listen. We want our questions answered and our opinions heard, yet I feel that maybe it there is a greater benefit if we would just listen more, listen to the sound of the hearts of the people around us. That maybe we should ask more questions about them and avoid just talking about ourselves, again.

Listening isn’t easy. In a world of non-stop noise it’s difficult to hear, so let’s pay better attention. Let’s celebrate the good things we hear but also be willing to be an ear for those who are troubled. Let’s listen to the stories, the journeys, the searching. Let’s close our own mouths and encourage others to open theirs.

Listen for what isn’t spoken. The cry of a heart is louder when you actually listen out for it. Unspoken words are often the most powerful words. That real meaning to what is being said. Let’s be people who ask the Holy Spirit to give them wisdom to hear what’s going on in the heart of our friends.

Listen to what God is saying. I think God can shout. However, a shout is still useless if we have already chosen not to listen. When we make time and pay attention, the whisper of God can sound more like a hurricane. I want to hear God’s voice. I need to hear God’s voice.

Listen in. God has something to say.

Listen in. The people around us are saying something and they need us to hear. We mustn’t be so busy about what we want that it gets missed.

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