I love the attitude at the end of this episode how once it’s been agreed that they as a team are going to get ‘their fight on’ how each one of them recognises who it is they are getting their fight on for.

‘I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States.’

Who do you serve at the pleasure of?

Perhaps there are times when we are too busy fighting for our own ideas that sometimes we forget who we are supposed to be fighting for. As followers of Christ our lives are not our own.

We do not serve at the pleasure of ourselves.

We serve at the pleasure of our King.

To achieve this I must be happy to lay aside my own ambition, my own vision, my own ideas and place all my energies into fulfilling the ambition, vision and ideas of the one I am fighting for. That sounds easy but often it is not. I am naturally selfish and want what I want. I question myself and my willingness to submit to a bigger cause. Yet I stand in awe of my King and my Saviour. My life is in His hands and I can honestly say ‘Whatever He calls me to, I am ready to take it up, I am ready for the adventure that is ahead’.

This challenge is for all of us who follow Jesus and that we can honestly say ‘My life is truly in your hands. I serve at the pleasure of the King’.

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